Tenant Landlord Disputes in Delray Beach

Delray Beach landlord tenant lease disputes


Atlantic Avenue is undergoing a housing boom, with many new condos going up throughout downtown and the rest of Delray Beach. There are many amazing modern new condos available for lease, with more popping up every day from Pineapple Grove to SOFA. From a pure business perspective, it is always good practice to take any written agreement such as a landlord’s rental lease to a lawyer before signing it. While many tenants already in rental leases don’t have this option, having the input of an advisor at any point in a rental term is a wise idea. Lawyers with experience dealing with lengthy rental leases can point out potential snares and provide tenants with a high-level view of their rights which can save time and trouble during and after the term of the lease.


It also never hurts to have lawyer like attorney Vincent E. Miller look over the proposed rental property, prior to signing the lease. Experienced attorneys know what to look for in a habitable structure, and are often first to notice things that can have profound long-term effects on both the lease and the landlord / tenant relationship. Mr. Miller, has worked extensively in the Delray Beach community for many years and is likely already be familiar with both the property and management, helping you to more easily navigate your application and tenancy through to a successful completion.


Tenants that are considering withholding rent for needed repairs or landlords considering an Unlawful Detainer action are among the many people who can benefit from the advice of a veteran landlord / tenant lawyer and can count on Vincent E. Miller’s experience and expertise in dealing with the unique needs of the Delray Beach community. If you are a renter or a landlord, be sure to speak to the preeminent attorney in this area of the law first. You will find your time and effort well spent. With an office right on Atlantic Avenue, in the heart of Delray Beach, Vincent Miller is ready to help you today.