Fraud Charge? We are Here to Assist You

An accusation of fraud against your business is very serious. This type of charge could result in the seizure of assets or even a jail sentence for the business owner or employees that were accused of being involved. Sadly, even being accused of a fraud charge can endanger the prosperity of the business. If you have been accused of any type of business fraud, you are encouraged to speak with an experienced business attorney like Vincent E. Miller, at the Law Offices of Vincent E. Miller in downtown Delray Beach, Florida.

Common Types Of Fraud Charges

The two most common types of fraud claims related to the business world are contract disputes and fraudulent transfer actions. Of course, there are other issues that can arise, such as misleading product information, misrepresentation of employee statuses as part of a contract, and accepting sales without providing a product. Each of these categories, as well as many others that are not mentioned, are less common areas of business fraud.

Contract Disputes

For a contract to be valid, both parties must be in “mutual consent and consideration.” This means that both parties entering into this legally binding document are both agreeing to provide a product or service to each other. For example, one person offers a service and the other agrees to pay for that service. Both have consented and both parties have been mutually satisfied for their efforts.

Contract disputes and fraud claims can arise if either or both parties do not believe the other is holding up their end of the contract or entered the contract under fraudulent terms. At that point, charges for fraud are usually stated and legal proceedings begin.

Fraudulent Transfer Actions

A fraudulent transfer action occurs when a business is accused by a creditor for hiding money or assets to protect them from being taken by the creditor. Any transfer of assets that a business makes can be risky because there is always a chance that someone will accuse the business of trying to hide their assets for fraudulent purposes.

Of course, businesses have the freedom to move their money and assets as they please. However, these moves should always be well documented so that if there is any risk of being accused of a fraudulent transfer action, the business will have evidence of the transfers and why they were conducted.

Work With An Experienced Business Litigation Attorney In Delray Beach

If your business is facing claims of fraudulent actions, you will need an experienced business lawyer to represent you in your case. Attorney Vincent E. Miller has aggressively represented businesses in Delray Beach and other cities in South Florida for nearly two decades and continues to be an aggressive representative for businesses today. Qualified to practice law in every Court in Florida and the U.S. Court of Appeals, Mr. Miller can represent his clients to the fullest extent.