Commercial Litigation Overview

Sometimes commercial or business disputes may arise between companies, business partners or between a company and its customers. When negotiation or arbitration is not enough to resolve the dispute, business litigation may be required.

At the Law Offices of Vincent E. Miller, P.A., Delray Beach, Florida we help our clients with a wide range of business litigation issues:

Contract Disputes and Fraud

A common business litigation issue includes fraud or breaches of contract. These issues can occur between any two entities that have entered into a contractual agreement. When one party violates the terms of the contract and further negotiation fails to remedy the situation, the other party may file a lawsuit to either enforce the terms of the contract or collect damages from any losses caused by breaking the agreement.

Disputes Between Business Owners

Another common business litigation issue involves disputes between owners of the same company. At times issues arise as to owners’ rights and disagreements emerge concering what co-owners are allowed to do with a company or its assets. When the owners cannot agree, one may sue to either establish certain rights or confirm various limitations on rights.


Business-related malpractice can arise in many situations where a customer or client is suing a business owner or professional for some failure or loss caused by their services. Malpractice claims usually state that the professional acted inappropriately or did not do their professional duty to provide proper service or care. Both the suing customer and the professional will need legal services to resolve the situation.

There are a variety of other circumstances that may require the assistance of a business litigation lawyer of the calibre of Mr. Miller. Generally, if any commercial business, service or agreement is in dispute, it will fall under this category. At The Law Offices of Vincent E. Miller, P.A., we have a substantial background in handling a wide variety of business disputes in the State of Florida. We bring this winning experience to our clients both in and out of the courtroom to get the best possible resolution. Sometimes disputing parties agree to a settlement outside of court, and this is usually the preferred outcome, but we are not afraid of representing our clients to the fullest if an issue is forced to go to court. We bring precision, tenacity and diligence to bear as litigators and have a proven track record of success. We stand by our clients at all stages of the legal process from gathering the facts of the case through litigation as necessary. Serving clientele from Delray Beach to Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach, Florida and beyond, we are happy to offer a complimentary consultation to new clients – feel free to contact us so we may discuss the merits of your particular case.